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N5254 State Road 67

Plymouth, WI 53073

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     This is where it all began for us. We started raising worms in 2007, and in 2008 started packaging our own Worm Castings and an Organic Potting Soil.

     We compost yard debris, spring & fall yard clean up material, and many of our customers home food scraps right here on the farm to feed our worms. All of our worms are fed natural materials and not some funky commercial worm food. We feed them just what they would get in the wild. After years of worm farming we have found that this gives our worm castings a greater amount of trace minerals & beneficial bacteria than other forms of feed stock. This also has given a solid composting knowledge base for our clients to ask composting questions of us. 

    Worm Castings, also know as vermicompost or worm compost, is an all natural organic fertilizer and soil builder. Completely safe for use around kids, pets, and ponds. We package ours in 5, 10, 20, and 30 pound bags

    Worm Castings are a natural occurrence of the earthworm digestive process. Worm castings are actually just worm poop, really! A worms diet consists of broken down and decaying organic matter. And after a worms body gets what it needs from its food it passes what it does not need. Just like the human body. Unlike the human body however, what an earthworm passes is wrapped in a small almost oval shaped pellet called a cast or casting. All of these castings have been wonderfully designed to act as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Each one contains much of what plants and the soil needs to stay healthy and productive.

    Worm castings contain some of the following things; nitrogen, iron, manganese, beneficial bacteria, beneficial nematodes, and calcium. This is not a complete list and what worm castings all contain is constantly changing in nature because a worms diet in the ground is constantly changing. Worm castings harvested from a worm farm are going to be more consistent in their properties, because in at a worm farm we can control what the worms eat. Thus controlling what their castings are comprised of.

Other characteristics include, but not limited to the following:

  • Worm castings are high in Nitrogen

  • Contain many of the trace elements plants need

  • Are all natural making them completely safe to use around kids, pets, and ponds

  • Will not burn you hands or plants, no matter how much or how little you use

  • Worm castings help improve soil structure

  • Worm castings help improve water retention

  • Worm castings help improve aeration

    All of our products are also available wholesale to organic farmers, market gardeners, garden centers, landscapers, and almost any institution interested in high quality soil enhancing products. For more information on wholesale worm castings, wholesale organic potting soil, and other wholesale organic farm & gardening supplies please contact us .